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didXL is a European DID service provider with coverage in 80 countries.  didXL combines the benefits of IP-communications with the established structure of local telephone networks. We help operators expand their networks and increase reachability by giving them easy access to local DID numbers from multiple countries.  We developed a new approach for wholesale inbound services based on transparency and simplicity, using an advanced online provisioning system and a global VoIP network with multiple POPs.

 Ecosmob is a rapidly growing IT firm with deep expertise in VoIP systems, Mobile App development, Systems Development.  From building high availability voice systems for carriers, to customized telemedicine management systems for hospitals, Ecosmob has the talent and experience to realize complex and unique projects.
Telarus is a leading master agency through which AU24 is able to deliver business solutions across SaaS, UC, Contact Centers, Security, and Networking.